Is Self-Publishing/E Publishing the New Black?

Baltimore Book Festival Panel handout of bullets to consider in weighing the self-publishing option.

Panelist Authors: LJ DeLeon, Eliza Knight, KH LeMoyne

Reasons to consider self-publishing

  • Re-release of backlist
  • Opportunities in the Ebook markets
  • Special niche topic
  • Content that doesn’t specifically fit a large publisher’s brand
  • A multi-content product (text, video, multimedia)
  • It’s not all-or-nothing. You can do both – self-pub and traditional publication
  • Agents? Not for what you think – foreign rights, media rights, other

Task list for delivery of books to Ebook/POD markets

  • Ebook vs. POD
  • Prerequisites – a good, clean story is the foundation so hire a freelance editor (or two)
  • Ebooks formats (PDF, Kindle format, EPUB, and more) – to format or hire someone?
  • Do you need to hire a proofreader?
  • Book covers – the best presentation for Ebooks

POD options

  • Lightning Source vs. CreateSpace
  • Re-formatting content for print (fonts, sizes, proofreaders) – it’s all different
  • Cover consideration and reformatting for print

Realities for writers regardless of traditional vs. self-publishing option

  • Marketing & social media options: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, interviews, other
  • Reviews: Professional, book bloggers, other options
  • Long term time investment to sell your book – or – a good book doesn’t sell itself
  • Let’s talk money and reality: the hint is…the success of J.K. Rowling, J.A. Konrath, and Amanda Hocking aside, this is a long term business