Now Available! HOSTAGE - Shifters Unlimited: Clan Black #4

He wants answers. She wants justice. The ancient dark magic wants them enslaved.

Money can’t fix everything. It didn’t save Max Fitzpatrick’s best friend when he took a poisoned bullet for him. But money can buy answers. Painting an expensive bullseye on himself and issuing invitations to his potential killer seems an easy solution to lure out the culprits and unearth an antidote. Until a brilliant, sexy shifter answers the call and risks the limelight with him. Right before his well-managed plan goes to hell.

Brindy has firsthand experience with shifter children kidnapped for experimentation and the need to end it burns like brimstone in her heart. After years of cold trails, she finally has a lead at a premier scientific challenge event, but her alpha’s orders are to gather evidence, not extract vengeance. Not easy with a crowd of innocent bystanders in her way and an annoyingly hot, human billionaire who just might be her mate hiding secrets. Oh, yeah, and enough unexpected twists, magical creatures, and alpha conflicts to drive a girl crazy!


New Release – Traitor

Shifters Unlimited: Clan Black Book 3

Life is full of tough choices. Vengeance. Honor. Mating?

After spending years to orchestrate the perfect revenge, enforcer Breslin Taggart is poleaxed when a woman he doesn’t even know exists steals his final prize and shreds his lifetime of work. He owes her payback, but that doesn’t mean he or his beast will let anyone else get their hooks into her before he’s taught her tempting, sweet ass a lesson.

Rayven can barely keep one step ahead of trouble, much less waste the time to plan an elaborate murder scheme. Yet it’s not like anyone is listening to her. Not her clan. Certainly not the sexy arrogant enforcer who looks at her with equal parts fury and lust. Definitely not whoever framed her. But hauled before the alpha tribunal with everyone she cares about at risk, Rayven doesn’t have much choice but to enter into a battle she never wanted and fight! Unfortunately, winning the battle will rob her of the most precious person in her life.

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New Release – Blood Oath

Blood Oath
Shifters Unlimited: Prequels Book 1

How fast can you outrun death when it has you by the throat?

Bobcat shifter Callum Mann will do whatever it takes to get his pregnant mate across the territory line to safety and free from his alpha’s grasp. Even if he has to sacrifice himself.

Raised a survivor, Gillian isn’t about to let anything stand between her family’s freedom and happiness. Not a vengeful alpha, a twisted killer, or a rogue enforcer.

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