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Notable Links for Writer Helps by other authors

Rachel Aaron’s Blog Post: How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day. This is a wonderful for process as well as methodology to increase your daily word count.

Jim Butcher Blog/Forum for Writers (listed in the order he posted): 

Pacing/Story Arc - Wonderful 5 minute video by the Penny-Arcade on pacing using Star Wars. This is targeted toward video game developers but the approach is the same for designing a fictional story.

So you Want to be a Writer? Advice to a 10-year-old - Good advice on the Writer Life from comic book writer Ron Marz

Writer’s Must Kill Self-doubt Before Self-doubt Kills Them – Great advice from Chuck Wendig’s blog

Eisley Jacob’s blog: Indie-Bound Wrap Up – Over two weeks of folks around the indie publishing industry posting their insights and findings to help other indie authors.

  • Day One: Indie Author: Denise Grover Swank and Indie Editor: Jim Thomsen – Importance of an editor
  • Day Two: Indie Author: Breanna Teintze – What’s it like being an indie author? Like being a traditional author, only more so.
  • Day Three: Indie Author: LK Gardner-Griffie – Her story about the Indie Road
  • Day Four: Indie Author: Anne Riley – Interview (Agent to submission to indie)
  • Day Five: Indie Author: Deborah Riley-Mangus – To Be or Not To Be?
  • Day Six: Indie Author: Heather McCorkle – From agent to submission to indie
  • Day Seven: Indie Author: Jolyn Palliata – The Stigma of Self Publishing
  • Day Eight: Indie Author: Trish McCallan – Hard Choices
  • Day Nine: Branli Caidryn – Going rogue! –err Indie
  • Day Ten: Jeena Papaadi – Writes and gives a few pointers about her indie experience.
  • Day Eleven: Claudie H. Christian – 5 things a NYT bestselling author will tell you about publishing after a few shots of tequila
  • Day Twelve: Kristie Cook – How I decided to go Indie.
  • Day Thirteen: Cassandra Marshall – Talks about the importance of an editor
  • Day Fourteen: Donna and Alex Carrick – Chat about books, e-books and the changing publishing industry.
  • Day Fifteen: Penny Holguin – It’s not called failure, it’s called experience!
  • Day Sixteen: Megan Curd – Interview about her book BRIDGER and her upcoming releases.
  • Day Seventeen: Icy Sedgwick – Publishing with an Indie Small Press

 Corgis for those who love them:

Just for fun and because I have several writer friends who fit this! :-)


Creating Superpowers

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve always wanted to have superpowers. I’d love to have magical abilities. Perhaps the ability to conjure, or go back in time, or fix my mistakes. Ah, yes, all very self-centered endeavors, which correlates to being a teenager at the time I wanted these things. Yes, I would still …

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How Writer’s Visualize

Several years ago I read a blog posting and comments by several of my favorite authors on MagicalWords.net. The running commentary was about creating scenes and visualizing the action and characters. The discussion was standard enough that I almost moved on to a later discussion until I realized several of the authors said they didn’t …

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Is Self-Publishing/E Publishing the New Black?

Baltimore Book Festival Panel handout of bullets to consider in weighing the self-publishing option. Panelist Authors: LJ DeLeon, Eliza Knight, KH LeMoyne Reasons to consider self-publishing Re-release of backlist Opportunities in the Ebook markets Special niche topic Content that doesn’t specifically fit a large publisher’s brand A multi-content product (text, video, multimedia) It’s not all-or-nothing. …

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Reference Material for Ebook and POD publication:

Reference Material for Ebook and POD publication – I’ll try to update every few weeks with additional links: Ebook Formatting: Smashwords Style Guide –Start here. A free, wonderful overall formatting guide that will prep your work from most ebook formats Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author by Zoe Winters – also a good reference tool …

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