Latest Update: 4/29/14

New Series, New Book, and cover voila!


Shifters Unlimited – Prequel

(includes Shifter Novelette – Fight Night)


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance

An impossible choice for a shifter dad—pledge to an alpha who will keep his children safe at the price of foregoing his future with the human female detective he knows is his mate?

When widower Chisholm Barduc and his family fall under the cross hairs’ of the mob again, he’s ready to ditch the not-so safe haven of his latest WITSEC in North Dakota. But the decision to pledge to the local alpha and safeguard his children will come at a high price. If his instincts are correct, the beautiful and dedicated police officer who’s protecting his daughter’s secret is the mate Chisholm never believed he’d find. And she’s not buying her role in mated destiny. As the net tightens around him, he’s running out of options to protect everyone he loves.

Dani Leggett gets the shock of her life, witnessing her teenage victim’s change from human to leopard. And while Dani’s life is far from normal as well, one sexy lion-shifter dad and his brood do their best to turn her life upside down and get under her skin. Now she must decide how far she can breach her personal code of conduct as a police detective to do what’s best to keep them safe them.

(Available at Amazon – Barnes & Noble and iTunes editions will be available after 5/23/14)

Latest Update: 12/2/13

New Covers: Phoenix Series!

Aren’t these gorgeous. Kim Killion did a wonderful job!They are for the re-release of the Phoenix futuristic/dystopian romance seriesCyber rebellion with heart



REBEL’S CONSORT – Phoenix Book 1

Analena Maresco – Code Name: Piper

A cyber-enhanced arm gives Analena an edge, a weapon to rescue children held as organ replacements for the governing Regent’s personal use. Supported by the renegade network and augmented by her unique skills, she straddles the line between rebellion and anarchy. To save the children, she risks both.

Trace Boden – Code Name: Onyx

A former Regent surgeon, Trace hides in the city ruins beneath the New Delphi Capital super structure. Providing medical advice, instruction and supplies via the Down Below renegade cyber network, he operates in anonymity, slowly paying back the debt for his part in the Regent’s atrocities. Yet, Piper’s call is one Trace can’t refuse. Exposed to save a child, he risks everything in a confrontation with Analena Maresco, the woman who can destroy his life forever.


SHEPHERD – Phoenix Book 2

Clayton Ebris – Code Name: Shepherd
JOB: Underground intelligence/recon, former monster of the Regent’s army

Esme Loures Vier – Code Name: Karma
JOB: Widow/Wife/Traitor/Weapon’s designer

In a race against time, the Down Below underground rebel network plans for the rescue of one of their own from the Regent death squads. The success or failure of their plan hinges on the loyalty of a deadly former Regent guard and one of the most brilliant and dangerous weapon’s designers in New Delphi’s history.


On Book Releases:

I’ve have the 1st book in Shifters Unlimited back from my editor for final changes and then it’s off to the proofreader! This book is targeted for FEBRUARY release with six Shifter Short Stories, one for each of my main characters before they meet up for their own romance. More on this soon. I’m currently working on the second  book in the shifter series.

Current Timeline


  • Finish draft and edits for Missing, book 2, (then send to editor)

  • Plan book launch and cover reveals for Shifter series

  • Holiday!!

  • Update 2014 schedule and tentative release plan for Guardians, Shifters, and final stories in the Dragon Rider Trilogy


  • Finish draft and edits for Shifter #3 (then send to editor)

  • Finish Shifter Shorts (then send to editor)

  • Start back on Guardians of Eden book #4 and #5


  • Release of Shifter Short Stories and Book #1: Hidden


Latest Update: 10/22/13

New Series and New Covers:

I’ve implemented some changes to with notifications and announcements for new books and releases.

The first is the addition of the NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION (left). This confidential and will only be used every few months to provide advance notice of new books about to launch and freebies.

The second, is my schedule (also left) with the books-in-progress. My WIP shows all my series and the planned books, but the schedule shows what I’m working on right now. Which is the release early next year of the first three books in my Shifters Unlimited Series. I’ll post more about this series, why I felt driven to write it, and how readers can expect the releases to unfold.

And the cover releases for each book! Love covers.

I’m also planning several releases of short story bundles about characters in both the Shifter books and my Phoenix series. These stories will be roughly 5000 words each and highlight events that happened prior to the beginning of the romance novels. Because the novels are focused on a particular romance and point in time and usually have multiple subplots, I try not to add more back story than needed. But, sometimes I have more of my characters to share. I hope current readers will enjoy a second glance at familiar characters in these short stories and that new readers will be intrigued.

It is my plan to release the Shifter Short Story bundle at the same time as the first book in the Shifter Unlimited Series. More on that later.

Guardian of Eden fans, don’t worry about lack of attention on my schedule. I have several books that I’ve been working on, including Book 4 and 5 in the series as well as some novellas. Book 4 stalled with me and I realized that my main character needed some changes. Since Book 4 is somewhat woven with Book 5, I needed more time to work through that. However, several other characters were involved in that transition and they now have their own novellas. So I think everyone will be pleased. 2014 should be a good year for releasing books since I’ve spent the last 18 months writing…Shifters, Guardians, and Dragon Riders are coming!

Current Timeline


  • Finish draft and edits for Hidden (then send to editor)

  • Hidden Cover Art


  • Finish draft and edits for Missing (then send to editor)

  • Finish Shifter Shorts and edits (and off to editor)

  • Phoenix new cover art (yeah!)

  • Shifter Shorts Cover Art


  • 1st draft of Shifter Book #3

  • Holiday!!

  • Work out 2014 schedule and tentative release plan for Guardians, Shifters, and final stories in the Dragon Rider Trilogy


Latest Update 9/6/25/13

Guardians 1

BETRAYAL’S SHADOW is now free at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo. Take this chance to get started on the Guardians of Eden series.

My first newsletter is targeted for late fall 2013 and will have more information on release dates, giveaways, short stories for existing series, and release tours. I promise not to flood emails. Please sign up at the left! (All lists are private and will be used ONLY for the function specified.)

~ Kate

2013 Milestones:

DRAGON RIDER’S GIFT  voted the winner of the RomCon 2013  Reader’s Crown Award inSci Fi/Fantasy/Time Travel.

5.5"X8.5" Post Card Template

DESTINY’S MARK, the Guardians of Eden Book 3, finaled in the 2013 Reader’s Crown Awards as well as the Kindle Book Review Contest.




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