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Shifters Unlimited Book 3

Transport an accused murderer to trial.

Easy. Simple. Straight forward.

If the accused wasn’t a dead alpha’s daughter and headed for the alpha tribunal. If she hadn’t ruined Breslin’s revenge for the slaughter of his family. If she wasn’t his mate.

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Currently Working On


Yes, I just can’t do things the easy way and write one book at a time, but I wanted to let my readers know what is in the works!

Shifters Unlimited Prequel Book 2

Alarico Savage has one chance to solve the disappearances in his clan. What he doesn’t expect as he steps onto the Isle of Witches beneath the light of the full mating moon is to find the woman destined to steal his heart.

Shifters Unlimited Book 4

Brindy Yost is about to meet her match in a sexy human billionaire who is hiding secrets galore. And if she think two steps ahead of him, he’s going to claim himself one stubborn fox shifter as his very own.


New Release – Blood Oath

Blood Oath
Shifters Unlimited Prequel Book 1

How fast can you outrun death when it has you by the throat?

Bobcat shifter Callum Mann will do whatever it takes to get his pregnant mate across the territory line to safety and free from his alpha’s grasp. Even if he has to sacrifice himself.

Raised a survivor, Gillian isn’t about to let anything stand between her family’s freedom and happiness. Not a vengeful alpha, a twisted killer, or a rogue enforcer.

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A Little Snafu – or – Website Went Boom

Due to some misunderstanding on my part, my websites all disappeared in April and I just found out this last weekend.

Yes (hangs head for not being more mindful). In my defense, I was busy writing. And I have not one, but TWO Shifters Unlimited books in with my editor. One is heading for availablity to my newsletter email list this month!

But back to the catastrophe. I’m working at rebuilding the entire site and it looks like this may take me a few weeks. I appreciate your patience if you’ve tried to signup for my newletter list (that should be up and working now). Or you are looking for book information. I should have that soon. Thanks for understanding!



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